Deep Space Settlement

A real-time strategy game for PC, focused on empire building and grand-scale space battles(4X RTS)

We strongly believe that in order to make Deep Space Settlement one of the best 4X RTS game out there we need to take the necessary time to nurture the game in all it's glory. Setting us hard deadlines would compromise the quality of DSS. Please understand that we are a small team of passionate and dedicated indie game developers who will do whatever it takes to put an awesome game in your hands. By pre-ordering the game you will contribute to this goal and we can't express our gratitude enough. Thank you!

First Playable

  • Build your first colony
  • Design and build your first corvettes and capital ships
  • Mine resources
  • Basic trading with local nation
  • Defend against invaders
  • Single player
  • Multiplayer(allied)


  • Explore the galaxy
  • Attack the first A.I.
  • Create fleets
  • Salvage wreckages
  • More ships Classes


  • Interact with trader, NPC, enemy with a unique diplomacy system
  • Build up your relation with other nations
  • Go on quest to find various treasures
  • Setup trade routes
  • React to various random events
  • Main storyline : First Chapter

Setup a space settlement and thrive, whether you choose to make allies or conquer through supremacy is up to you. Visit the Image Gallery ●